On this new avenue and while so many are these days this particular one is especially close to my heart. I arrived in Carlsbad, Ca in the last week of May. Having never been to southern California I learned of the May gray and June gloom that was happening. Now, after two weeks the sun is shining more, and the cooler temperatures are lovely. Since having been in the four corner states the last few months, my lizard self is happy to be sweating regularly again! Ok, so here’s what’s up, this weekend I begin my Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Teacher Training with Tim Miller. It will require six days a week and eight-plus hours a day for two weeks. I’m tying up loose ends and finding all the quiet spaces to rest before it begins. A year ago I started practicing this method, Ashtanga Yoga. Though I never attended to a particular style for seven years, I felt like I was diligently sharpening myself and learning what I had to learn then. It was perfect timing when I was ready to make a new step in the path, putting forth a whole new kind of dedication and sincerity for something bigger than just ‘my yoga practice.’ I always held the curiosity feeling one day I’d get the courage to walk into the Mysore room. Having this practice with me on the road has been a constant that keeps me grounded, healthy, and motivated.

An unexpected blessing is visiting a yoga shala and feeling there’s an instant welcome into the community. At the beginning of our cross-country trip, we drove along the Outer Banks. For a few days, I practiced at the Ashtanga Yoga OBX. The owner and teacher there, Michele Dorer, was someone who I hoped to visit. She is a wonderful and dedicated teacher. She told me about this particular training having had direct experience. With her blessing, encouragement, and very little time left, I jumped on it and sent my application that same day. A week or so later I got the email that I was accepted! I’ll be one of forty-nine students to attend, here’s to making some new connections as well!

Getting to this place in myself hasn’t been without challenges. I have learned that happiness rests in my hands and by my efforts. Learning to live from impeccability through the kindness of my words and actions toward myself and the other will make all the difference. Transformation requires participation, give your whole heart, many times if it so needs.

With the courage to show up entirely, I allow this experience to open up my heart as I let go of expectations. Since outcomes aren’t a complete tangible, I give trust towards where I’m going. All the ones I love, friends, family, teachers, helpers unknown and Greater Source. Work of a lifetime is becoming fearless, joy, healing, and transformation and total freedom.
Let’s not withhold our gifts and passions. We are worthy, and so are those lives that will be touched and inspired!

I’ll be here keeping the fire stoked, clearing, healing, learning, becoming. There’s no other place that I’d rather be. Look forward to sharing more sparks with you in the future!