A Seed is Planted

Growing up in a small rural town in Virginia I’d daydream about the future of who I wanted to be, where I might go, and how I’d live. I was eight years old when my dad proposed the idea to my mom to drive my sister and me to his hometown Brooklyn, NY. It was our first road trip together, just the girls with dad. We stayed with our Grandmother who shared many memories and pictures. We attended a family reunion and met a new family. We saw Lady Liberty and mimes that mesmerized! While having so much fun, I had no idea my feet could hurt so much from walking! From that time on, I was wanderlust.

Fast forward to the present day; it was a road trip on the way back from Nashville, Tennessee. My husband and I wanted to continue this freedom that we could feel when being on the road and exploring someplace new. At the time, I operated a hair salon business while he worked from the office as a Software Engineer. I’m now taking a break from the salon to discover new possibilities while he works remotely from the road.

In a short time of our decision, we found our dream vehicle. It’s a 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon. With its age, it comes with stories. It’s gone to Europe with the first owner, and it’s just two years older than we are……

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